Cérémonie officielle - Gouvernement du District Fédéral de Mexico

  • 24/03/2009
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(Texte disponible uniquement en anglais)

Mr Governor,

You have spoken from the heart, and your kind words of welcome have touched me deeply.

You have referred to the warm ties that exist between the peoples of Mexico and Belgium.

We Belgians adore coming to your fascinating city which has so many historic links with my country.

Princess Mathilde and I are truly enjoying our visit here.

We are moved by the warm hospitality of the Mexicans, and we regret that our stay is such a short one.

The Distrito Federal is an important entity in your country?s state structure.

It stands as a symbol of Mexico?s constitutional principles of national unity and pluralism.

It is also one of the biggest capital cities in the world, and a megalopolis of the twenty-first century.

The honour which the Government of the Federal District today bestows upon me, strengthens the firm bond between us.

It is with profound appreciation that I accept the formal homage of the authorities of the Federal District.

Thank you.