Mexique - Déjeuner avec des hommes d'affaires mexicains

  • 24/03/2009
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Ladies and Gentlemen,

This meeting with Mexican business leaders is a highlight of our visit to Mexico.
Our focus today is firmly on international trade and on investment, as it should be.

Indeed Madam Minister, we concur with the analysis of the Mexican government that, in the current difficult climate, intensive trade and enterprise are engines for growth and are beneficial to the purchasing power of our citizens.
We welcome the strong mandate of ProMéxico, and we salute them as a valuable partner for our companies.

Our warmest thanks also to all the Mexican entrepreneurs who take part in this luncheon.
COMCE is a partner of choice for a country with a strong exporting tradition such as Belgium.
We share your view, President Diez, that globalization even in the current situation, offers opportunities to those companies that are well prepared, competitive and innovative.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
It would be unwise, in my view, to react to the current crisis by throwing away all the achievements of free enterprise and open global trade.
Indeed, it is not globalisation, nor even entrepreneurship, that are in crisis.
In my view, the excesses were possible because the core values that lie at the basis of all human activity, were neglected.

Most successful CEOs I meet, tell me that in a long-term perspective they look beyond quarterly results and focus on the main objectives of creating a lasting relationship with clients, shareholders and business partners, and of realizing durable, innovative products.
Success in the long term rests on trust, on cooperation with partners, on commitment to a common objective, on responsibility towards stakeholders and society.
The observance of such core values is essential for the stable growth and the competitiveness of a business venture.

Should not leadership based on these principles inspire the way we do business in the years ahead?
I leave this as a topic for your discussions over lunch. Thank you.