The Queen's Charities

The charity "Ouvres de la Reine - Hulpfonds van de Koningin" is intended to help the Queen in her philanthropic and social activities, by collecting and making available to her, or allocating the funds intended for those activities according to her instructions.

She can participate in the creation or development of institutions in which the Queen has a particular interest.

This purpose is achieved by:

Aid to the needy and persons in cases of urgent necessity

Requests for aid sent to the Queen or other members of the Royal Family relate mainly to financial, housing or social problems.

Each request is examined by the Queen's Social Secretariat and gives rise to one of the following actions:

  • Opinion or advice to the person concerned and guidance towards an appropriate support organisation.
  • Contact by the secretariat with the official bodies or organisations concerned (Ministry, local authority, social services, ONAFTS, INAMI, Housing Fund, ONE, etc. .), for examination or handling of the problem.
  • For situations considered as special and unusual, a request for an investigation is sent to the Public Centre for Social Action or social services concerned. On their recommendation, limited emergency financial assistance may be granted by les Ouvres de la Reine.

Aid to social projects in which the Queen is particularly interested

The association also supports innovative projects intended to increase the prospects of integration of young people and/or their families and who meet clearly defined criteria, such as:

  • The extent to which the project provides a practical answer to unequal opportunities.
  • The originality of the initiative.
  • Estimation of the prospects of success and sustainability of the project.
  • etc


The Queen's Social Secretariat
Royal Palace
rue Bréderodestraat 16
1000 Brussels