Gala-avond - UNDP

  • 17/11/2004
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Ladies and Gentlemen,

It gives me immense pleasure to celebrate with you this first official event of the International Year of Micro credit.

As a member of the Emissaries Group, I am proud to be part of such an innovative and stimulating initiative. This is no ordinary International Year at the United Nations. This Year is bold and ambitious ? like microfinance itself. The presence of so much talent in this room shows the broad support for the cause of microfinance. We will need your support. We will in fact need all the support we can get to help enterprising people in the developing world make their ambitions come true.

We are here to celebrate the commitment, the dedication and, above all, the tremendous hard work of microfinance clients all over the world. We are here to commit ourselves to make a difference for these people who do have the willpower but who often lack the means to increase their prospects for a better future.

Putting the tools of microfinance in the hands of these micro-entrepreneurs will be critical to achieving the Millennium Development Goals. With your participation, this Year will be successful in expanding economic access for poor and low-income entrepreneurs. In doing so, we can do our part in boosting the eradication of poverty.

La pauvreté a trop souvent un visage féminin. Pourtant ce sont les femmes , moteurs de la famille, pleines de talents et d?innovation, qui ont largement recours aux services des Institutions de Microfinance. Cela non seulement afin d?accéder aux services financiers dont elles ont besoin, mais avant tout pour améliorer leur statut, leurs conditions de vie et celles de leurs enfants, en leur assurant une bonne éducation et un meilleur accès aux soins de santé.

L?impact social de la microfinance est très important. Son rôle en termes d?inclusion sociale et de renforcement de la société devrait être au centre de nos préoccupations. Notre attention pour les conséquences sociales du microcrédit devrait aller de pair avec nos efforts de pérennisation financière de cet instrument de développement.

The International Year is indeed a crucial starting point with a lot of commitment. But I do think it is also very important to continue our efforts beyond the Year 2005. Only a continuing process can lead to sustainable results. Let us work together to get there!

Merci de votre attention
Thank you.