Toespraak van Prinses Mathilde - "Tambon Baan Song Municipality" - Thailande

  • 25/03/2013
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Radio Adress - Tambon Baan Song Municipality, Thailand


Dear Community Members of Tambon Baan Song,

Dear Listeners,


Sa-wat-dee-kha        (Good afternoon).

I got such a warm welcome on my arrival in Tambon Baan Song! It is absolutely true what I was told about your community: people are warm and friendly and the local community spirit is vibrant. Civil groups are very active here. Many of you are personally engaged in different initiatives.  To build a healthy community everyone must be involved. We are stronger, both as a community and as individuals, when we work together. 

Later, I shall visit the fire department and some small agricultural projects developed mainly by women from this tambon. I congratulate you, ladies, on your hard work and the success you have had. These projects are proof of your economic empowerment as producers and entrepreneurs.  Above all though, they show your leadership skills. Now, you can participate more in the decision-making process at all levels. You have a voice in society.

You not only determine your own destiny, you also provide education and health for your children. Indeed, the entire community benefits from your efforts. As a result, food security and nutrition have improved. The task is not always easy, though. The current global environment poses significant challenges for small communities, and in particular for rural women.  But you have shown us how sustainable and equitable rural development contributes to long-term human development.

I have come to Thailand with my husband, Prince Philippe, who is presiding over a large economic mission. Agriculture, agro-food and health issues are a key focus of our mission. We are aware of their importance for the Thai people.

I want to congratulate all of you on your endeavours. Your community work is very important. Be proud of your achievements and continue to encourage young people to get involved as well. Empowering rural women is crucial for the further development of this region. And one is never too young to learn that.

Thank you again for your hospitality today. I am looking forward to the rest of my visit and to discovering the beauty of your village. I cannot wait to meet you all at Tambon Baan Song.

It was a real pleasure to talk to you.  And I wish this radio station every success in connecting all the people of this tambon. 

Choke-dee-kha    (Have a nice day).