BELvue museum

BELvue museum

Have you ever wondered how much you really know about Belgium and its kings?

The country is still young, but already has a very stirring and fascinating history behind it. Would you like to get to know it in a splendid setting? In the surroundings where it all began?

Then visit the BELvue museum: the only museum that reveals the history of Belgium right in front of you. From the popular uprising in 1830 to the federal state of today: after your visit, there will be few secrets left about Belgium's past.

You get the opportunity to see for yourself and examine unique historical documents, remarkable film fragments, striking photos and impressive objects.

The reigns of the kings connect the milestones from Belgian history, such as the struggle for universal suffrage, the World Wars and the Royal Question, the Golden Sixties and the recent constitutional reforms. These milestones are presented to you in an exceptional and informative manner.

But the very location and history of the building itself are also worth a visit. Before it became a museum, the former 18th century luxury hotel was also a royal residence.

You will still find aspects from that era: with the recent renovation, the atmosphere of the old days was restored. BELvue is located next to the Royal Palace in the immediate vicinity of many museums on the Mont des Arts and right across from the Royal Park. Admit it: you won't find a better meeting place anywhere for art, culture and nature. visitors.

The BELvue museum has a restaurant with a summer café in the garden, a modern museum shop, a multipurpose conference room and a hall for educational projects in cooperation with the country's three Communities.

Practical information:

From Tuesday to Friday: 10 am - 05 pm
Saturday - Sunday: 10 am - 06 pm
Closed on Monday - January 1 and December 25
Acces to the archeological site of the Coudenberg.


7, Place des Palais
1000 Bruxelles
+32 (0)70-22.04.92