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Financial resources

The financial part of the Civil List covers all the expenditure directly incurred by the King in the exercise of the royal office in the broadest sense of the term (staff under contract, equipment, daily operating costs for the King and the Queen, including activities, receptions, etc., maintenance of the interior of the Royal Palace in Brussels and the Castle of Laeken, the cost of utilities, the fleet of vehicles and fuel, administration, insurance, gifts for anniversary celebrations, living expenses, etc.).

Since July 2013 all purchases of goods and services have been subject to the levy of the indirect taxes in force.

Article 2 of the Act of 27 November 2013 sets the basic amount of the Civil List at €11,554,000.

In addition to expenses directly borne by the King from the Civil List, a number of support services for the functioning of the Monarchy are provided and financed by government services. Since the start of the current reign and for the sake of transparency, all budget lines for this purpose have been grouped in a common budget programme in the General Expenditure Budget of the Federal State. As a result, it is possible to consult the total operating costs of the Monarchy at all times.