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Royal Palace of Brussels and Castle of Laken

Pursuant to Article 6 of the Civil List Act, the Royal Palace in Brussels and the Royal Castle of Laeken, which both belong to the patrimony of the Federal State, are placed at the King’s disposal for the exercise of his high office.

Residences of the Royal Trust

In accordance with the will of King Leopold II, some residences belonging to the patrimony of the Royal Trust are put at the disposal of the King and members of the Royal Family. These residences are not the private property of the King.

These residences are currently as follows:

  •  Ciergnon Castle
    at His Majesty the King’s disposal
  •  Belvedere Castle
    at the disposal of His Majesty King Albert II
  •  Villa Schonenberg in Stuyvenberg Estate
    at the disposal of Her Royal Highness Princess Astrid
  •  Villa Clémentine in Tervuren
    at the disposal of His Royal Highness Prince Laurent