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Military Household

The King’s Military Household is managed by a general officer, the Head of the Military Household, who helps the King exercise the powers vested in Him by the Constitution in the field of Defence. He monitors the international security situation and the positions taken by the competent international organisations on the matter and informs the King accordingly. He keeps the King posted of the situation, means and resources, functioning and missions of the Armed Forces in the context of Belgian foreign policy, in close cooperation with the King’s Cabinet. He is assisted by a senior officer, the Advisor to the Military Household.

The Head of the Military Household sees to the coordination with the Security Detail of the Royal Palace and runs the Information Technology Service.

The Aides de Camps and Equerries are also assigned to the Military Household:

• The Aides de Camp to the King are general or senior officers assigned by the King to accompany important visitors or to represent him on occasions when he cannot be present himself;

• The Equerries to the King are at the King’s constant disposal on a rotational basis; they accompany him on his travels and assist him in performing his tasks.