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Royal office

In the political domain, the King’s action does not consist in exercising personal power without the cooperation of ministers. The King interacts with players in the political arena by asking questions, expressing opinions, making suggestions, warning and giving encouragement.

His perspective is that of continuity, long-term objectives, and major projects in which the country and the State must engage. The King exerts his influence through dialogue with all those involved in the political decision-making.

This enables the King to meet regularly political leaders and representatives of a wide variety of sectors. These contacts, the content of which remains confidential, are a precious source of information for him and a means of allowing him to exert his influence.

The importance and impact of this political action by the King varies, depending on the circumstances and the pace of public life. It is and must remain constant. However there are times when the role of the King, while remaining covered by ministerial responsibility, is perceived much more clearly, such as when a government is being formed.

The Presidents of governments of the Regions and Communities take the oath before the King. He also grants audiences to members of government and parliament of the Regions and Communities.