Queen Fabiola's Charities

The charity a.s.b.l. "Oeuvres de la Reine Fabiola" is intended to help Her Majesty Queen Fabiola in her philanthropic and social activities, by collecting and making available to her, or allocating the funds intended for those activities according to her instructions.

She participates in the creation or development of institutions in which Queen Fabiola has a particular interest.

The association accepts, subject to the authorizations required by law, gifts inter vivos or bequests and, in general, carries out any transactions relating directly or indirectly to its purpose.

The charity a.s.b.l. "Oeuvres de la Reine Fabiola" attempts, by making one-off grants, to improve living conditions and encouraging activities or events with the aim of helping the most disadvantaged.

The charity supports projects to combat poverty and makes funds available to initiatives for medical, social and educational development.

For years, recurring aid has been provided in two fields: dyslexia and the battle against the trade in human beings.