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Do you have a great drawing of the King, the Queen, their childern or the Royal Palace?  Send it by mail. It may be posted on this web page.


Do you want to write a letter to the King or Queen and /or their children? 

Yes, you can write to them. You don’t even need to stick a stamp on the envelope (normalized shipments). Here's the address:

Royal Palace 
16, Rue Brederode
1000 Brussels

You must send your letter to "His Majesty the King" or "Her Majesty the Queen" or, for exemple, to 'Her Royal Highness Princess Elisabeth, Duchess of Brabant'. 

When talking to the King, he must be addressed as "Sire". 

The Queen can be addressed as "Majesty" or "Madam". 

In the past, it was forbidden to speak directly to the King. You had to wait for him to ask you a question. A bit complicated for a conversation ... Today, it is simply forbidden to ask him personal questions. Just like everyone else, in fact, it’s a matter of courtesy.